Publication for mobile devices

Using traditional web pages with mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is somewhat difficult due to the screen size of the devices. You have to constantly zoom in pages and web buttons are often difficult to use. In order to get a good user experience it often requires a compromise on the content presentation. Web sites should adapted to suit for mobile devices, at least to the extent that is believed to be used with smartphones and tablets.

We have special expertise in user-friendly presentation of product information for mobile device users from the same product database which is used for the company's traditional web pages . We have carried out a number of product information publishing systems projects in which our software detects whether the surfer is using a mobile device and then shows to the user automatically web-environment that is optimized for mobile devices. The users will also have possibility to use the standard web-view if they so choose.

If you want to show your product information in a user-friendly way to the mobile device users as well, please contact us.