Master data management

Broadly defined the master data means that company data, which is not transaction data. This group includes product information, customer information and hierarchy information. Master Data Management enables data processing, sharing, and reporting in the form in which different parts of the organization need it.

Product data management is always a part of master data management. In small and medium-sized enterprises you can sometimes put up an equal sign between them, but in larger companies product and customer data integration in general changes the situation. Procus product data management facilitates company's master data management, as it is simple to use Procus for gathering, storage and distribution place of all products related master data. For each piece of information is to be defined a system in which it is going to be maintained. Often, for example, some basic information is maintained in the company's ERP system and certain customer information in the CRM system, but all other information can be maintained well in the Procus system. In addition to that, Procus allows creation of various views to the master data by using different hierarchy structures. Thus for example, the company's internal reporting of various interest groups needs can be met.

Procus database can also be used in situations where the company has a number of different ERP systems, for example in different countries. In this case, the master data information gathering in a central database can be highly automated and it is possible to harmonize data management processes easier, than when going to one centralized ERP solution.