Configurator allows customers to make choices against the product portfolio in such a way that he finds a solution corresponding to his needs from the selection of company's products. Configurator may for example,  help the client to find accessories he needs or it can guide the customer in selecting the right product for his special need among similar kind of products. For the operation of the configurator is of paramount importance that the company's product data are in good condition. So once again there is a need for proper product data management system.

Product Configurator may in some cases also include mass calculation features. On the basis of the customer's choices configurator calculates quantities of different products needed to for the whole, which is often complemented by dynamic pricing.

Another motivator for using the configurator is sometimes to transfer fully mechanical calculation from the company's experts to the clients themselves. Often customers are also experiencing the use of configuration tools motivating. If the configuration of the products is very demanding, it may make sense to build a product configurator or mass calculator for company's internal use only.

We have made a number of configurators for our clients both for in-house and end customer use. All of them are based on Procus product data management system.