Web shop is something else than just a basket/shopping cart

Web shops are implemented nowadays in many different ways. Common to them is really just the fact that the potential customer gets some basic information on the offered products and will be able to add the desired item to cart. Everything else depends on the system and amount of money used to put the web shop up. A badly designed web shop does not increase sales if the company does not have any major competitive advantage. Instead of a well executed shop will get the customer to buy and to return.

For a good web shop can be set a number of requirements. Anyone who's ever bought from a web shop knows that the customer wants: 1) to find the product easily, 2) to get enough product information for decision making, 3) the purchase to be easy when the purchase decision has been made.

Finding the product can be simplified by a rational presentation of the products. The product hierarchy needs to be logical and product designation must guide the customer in the right direction. A decent search engine will help significantly if the product range of the shop is large.

When the required / requested item is found, the customer must be provided enough information about the product, so that he is able to make a purchase decision. In most cases, the very name, product code, price and brand image are not enough. The customer has in most cases a specific need which is why he is looking for the product. If he does not find the information (for example, product dimensions, installation instructions, etc.) on the basis of which to make the choice he sets out to find the product elsewhere. The provision of adequate product information is a basic prerequisite for a well functioning web shop. Because of this web shop integration with product data management system is particularly important. Product data management allows a company to maintain product data in such a condition that the customer is able to make a web shop purchase decision immediately.

After the customer has made purchase decision you must provide him a safe and easy way to order and pay for the product. This requires a good user interface, different payment methods, etc. In order to be able to provide the customer delivery time, possible customer discounts, etc., it requires web shop integration more closely with the company's ERP system.

Procus product data management system can be integrated with Procus web shop application that supports all these features and much more.