Offer calculation

Offer calculation work is done within companies with varying tools and methods. A problem is often scattered lying information and difficulties in reporting. The necessary basic customer information for the offer are often in another system than the products and services information which are going to be offered.

Procus offer calculation module simplifies and streamlines the offer calculation and tender work. Module is used through a web interface, like all Procus products. It allows for a quick and diverse tender work and editing. This module is integrated with both the customer and product databases, because of which real-time customer and product information are always available when making an offer. Pricing is usually done in the company's ERP system and the prices are usually imported automatically from there, but offer calculation module includes extensive tools for pricing also if you need them.

Offers are stored in a database because of which the tender base reporting is possible to be organized effectively and diversely. It also permits an effective reuse of old offers.