Catalogue on the paper and the web

The catalog or price list production can nowadays be accomplished in a number of different methods. Page layout by hand is still common, but the automatic layout achieve nowadays more and more popularity for a variety of reasons. Making product catalogs and price list page layout traditionally by hand is a lengthy and expensive process. In addition, the hand-made catalogs include always due to hand-making errors. Catalogs creation can be done much more efficiently using Procus products and at the same time the number of errors is reduced.

Publication of the catalog on web pages can be done in many ways. Some companies take care of it by making static web pages, which they are trying to keep up to date. Here the problem is usually that the website is maintained by different people than the ones that are responsible of the products information. If the pages are also wanted to be maintained in more than one language, then the work becomes more and more challenging. The end result is usually products web pages which contains only limited amount of data, and which are often at least partially out of date. In many companies, the matter has been solved by publishing the latest printed catalog in pdf format on the web. In such cases the problem is often a slow download speed or if you use a pdf reader the reader software has a poor user interface. In addition, the data represent that moment when the person who made page layout of the catalog, had received the data, which means that the data is often several months old and for example the newest products are not on display. The best way to improve the product information to be published is database publishing.

Database publishing

Making catalog and price list publication more efficient means in practice sooner or later transition to  database publishing. The published material is maintained in a database, from which it will be published with a high automation either on web, paper, DVD, etc. In this case, the product specifications and prices are published exactly in the same condition as they are in the company's information systems. All changes made to the product information appear immediately on the company's website and separate product site maintenance does not need to be done. The same applies to the company's foreign language pages. Only normal translation of texts is required when the texts are added or changed.

It is also possible to make a printed catalog or price list directly from the database. The creation time of the print is significantly reduced and the product information and / or prices are more accurate in the printed catalog. This kind of automatic page layout of course requires good advance planning, but once it is done, then the same process can be repeated no matter how often. It also allows the printing of various sub-sets of the catalog as separate issues at a reasonable cost. The catalog creation transforms from enormous effort to one of the greatest marketing tools.

Publication for smartphones and tablets

The data transfer on mobile devices is one of the fastest growing telecommunications areas. It is predicted that this year more than 20% of the web traffic is created by the use of mobile devices.

Publication for mobile devices requires re-thinking of web publication because the screen size of mobile devices impose restrictions. If you are using traditional web pages with a smart phone you know that finding and exploitation of matters is a hassle. You will have to zoom the view back and forth and perception of the whole is difficult.

Websites should be adapted to suit for mobile devices at least to the extent that is believed to be used with smart phones and tablets. For our customers this means often a website's product sections. We are familiar with the mobile publishing and we have created good and useful solutions to our customers. When you need usable mobile devices adapted web pages which are published from the database, please contact us.