Product data management is more than just a PDM or product register

Product data management is often perceived only as a traditional PDM / PLM functionality, but in the current networked world, product data management must take into account the product data sharing as well. It adds new dimensions to product data quantity and quality, because then the product information includes all information for marketing products too for instance: language information, photos and drawings, logistic information, label contents, product descriptions, product group descriptions etc.. Because of this, all the company's product-related information is to be collected into the product database, including visual and textual data needed by marketing, communications and after-sales. Procus product data management has been developed to facilitate and enhance the company's product data maintenance and publication.

Product data management vs. Master Data management

Product data management is allways a part of Master data management. In small and medium-sized enterprises you can sometimes put up an equal sign between them, but in larger companies product and customer data integration in general changes the situation. Procus product data management facilitates  company's master data management, as it is simple to use Procus for gathering, storage and distribution  place of all products related master data. For each piece of information is to be defined a system in which it is going to be maintained. Often, for example, some basic information is maintained in the company's ERP system and certain customer information in the CRM system, but all other information can be maintained well in the Procus system.

Product database and its maintenance

In order to support the company's operations and processes, the product database must be flexible and easy to use. The strength of the Procus product database is its design and possibility to be customized. Procus product database is used in various industries in very different environments, and it always has been adapted to meet the needs of the customer, if so desired. Ease and efficiency of product information maintenance is always one of the most important things when introducing the product database.

Product data publication

An essential component to the Product data management is product data publication. Publication may be different for different stakeholders, such as your own personnel have generally larger view to the product information than the customers or standard web surfers. Similarly different contents of the product information are often published to the partners and to the customers or to different markets. The most common product data release methods are the company's own web pages, catalogs, price lists, product cards, product descriptions, labels or product information in an agreed format to transmit data between organizations and / or systems.

Product information publication in different countries

When a company operates in the international market, the need to present the product information in different ways than in the home market grows rapidly. The first thing is, of course, different languages-related issues, but very soon you will also need to provide different products for different markets. This may be due to government regulations, the physical characteristics of the product (eg, supply voltage), on marketing and distribution reasons. In this case, the most effective way to handle the problem is to use assortments. For each market area is defined its own product assortment which is sold in that market area. Products are "attached" to the assortments to which they belong so the products and product information are not duplicated. At the same time language-related data will remain in order. Product assortment management is carried out simply and effectively with Procus. There can be a desired amount of assortments and they may be valid for a desired period of time, thus for example it is possible to use assortments when making offer campaigns.