Procus Outliner

Procus Outliner is a tool for creating and managing tables of contents of catalogs. With this tool the user creates a table of contents of the catalog using the existing web hierarchy and adding to the table of contents of the catalog other relevant parts.

Procus Outliner works on drag-and-drop basis so that the user pulls from the web hierarchy, one by one, those parts of the hierarchy that he wants to the table of contents. The order of table of contents may differ from the order of the web hierarchy if so desired. To the table of contents can be added components from outside of the web hierarchy and so the table of contents characterize the finished printed product.

With the Procus Outliner the user can easily group the product categories to the catalog into the desired order regardless of the web hierarchy. At the same time the user will see the number of hierarchy levels of the table of contents at various parts of the catalog. This way it gets significantly faster to get the catalog in balance .