Procus Dataloader 

Sometimes it is easier to make product data maintenance for example with spreadsheet than with web forms due to the abundant reproducing or cut and paste required. With spreadsheet it is easy to fill quickly for example technical or logistics data of a new product group because often only a single value is changed in between the products. In this situation the need arises to transfer quickly and easily the product information form the product database to a spreadsheet or another program and later back to the database.

To meet this need we developed Procus Dataloader module. After choosing the desired products the user can define which fields he wants to copy from the database for further processing. Of the contents of the selected fields is created an XML file that can be opened directly, for example in MS Excel. The desired changes and additions are done on the spreadsheet side to the product information, after which the file can be read back to the database.

Procus Dataloader is a powerful tool for the person who regularly maintains product information and knows the contents of the product database.

Procus Dataloader can also be used to transfer data between systems. There can be created routines for the user to generate standard XML files, for example for product data transfer to third parties such as wholesalers or customers.