Procus Quotation

Procus Quotation is a versatile module that is integrated with both product and customer databases. Like other Procus products Procus Quotation works on the web also so bids can be done anywhere. Significant cost savings related to the maintenance are also achieved in web environment and security issues can be managed centrally.

Key features

Quotation tags

As the offer is stored in a relational database to the offer can be connected the desired amount of tag information. Such information includes bid number, version, target, type of offer, third parties related to the offer, the bidder, person in charge, etc.

These tags are used later in database searches for example if desired to find previously made offers for a specific target.

Commercial terms of the quotation

Payment and delivery terms can be found in the pull-down menus, the standard terms are readily available. For example the delivery time and the number of lots may be issued.

Customer information

Customer contact information is retrieved directly from the integrated customer database or the company's CRM system, when also customer or customer group specific product prices and discounts can be automatically enabled. The customer can be given a different billing and shipping addresses regardless which is a contact address of the customer.

Products to be offered

Because the product information is retrieved from the product database the product information up to date. The product database includes extensive search capabilities which speeds up the offer process.

The desired information amount of the product data is displayed in the offer depending on what kind of product-line formats have been created, such as product code, title, position, quantity, gross price discount, net price, the total price, etc. Free-form text description is added if necessary.

Product pricing

Procus Quotation comes with a price calculation tool. Products to be priced are retrieved from the database after which they are accompanied by a variety of prices. For the product can be defined desired number of different prices, such as the purchase price, cost price, customer prices, the offering price, the gross price, etc. For all of these prices can be defined the amount of discounts. In addition to that a validity period per price can be defined . The base price used for margin calculation can be determined even product by product.

Outlook of the quotation

Hardware requirement is only the latest version of your browser and JavaScript support. Browser settings must also be checked. Procus Quotation includes an excellent opportunity to formulate a tender look.

It is possible to create for the users different offers templates that contain different layout structures for example for the various product groups. But each user can also create him/herself such offer template structures as he/she likes. If the readymade template is not satisfactory, you can change the structure of the tender during the offer is made. This way offer can be customized to customer specific formet even each time. The desired amount of free text can be attached to the offer but it is also possible to use standard phrases. Grouping of products on the product page is done through the definition of the structure which defines the sub-totals, etc.

When formulating the offer preview can be used which makes it easy to formulate the final bid outlook.

You get two different prints of offer, one of which contains information for the company's reporting and is just for internal use.

Copying of the offer

Offer may be copied, either as a new offer or as a new version of the offer in question. In both cases, the bid number will change depending on usage. Copies can be handled just like a just created new bid.

Printing of the offer

When a quotation is complete, it can be printed on the company's network printers just like a normal web page. It can also be sent as an e-mail attachment, in which case the links to the product cards of product database on the offer product page will remain and it is easy for the receiver to check if they wish the detailed technical information of the offered products.


The offer stock can be monitored with different parameters such as type, time, probability, sales person and the customer. These parameters are defined according to business needs.