Procus Basket

Procus Basket is Procus family extension which allows the end user to use the product information in the product database in an increasingly diverse way on the Internet. With Procus Basket a company can, at best, transfer their customer care duties to the customers themselves and even in such a way that customers keep it as a positive reform.

Utilizing of product data of the product database through the website using Procus Basket requires Procus Webcatalog to be used in the presentation of the product hierarchy.

Procus Basket is based on the product list and the use of a list for various needs. Procus Basket can be compared to traditional e-business functionalities but the focus of the functionality of Procus Basket in is not on web-based ordering, although it certainly is possible. With Procus Basket to the end user / customer are created opportunities to combine products of the product database to catalogs and lists, which he can treat in different ways with the current and future needs in mind.

Procus Basket is an important tool for marketing and sales whenever the customer identification, retention, comprehensive product information sharing and shared customer data accuracy is essential for the development of the company's sales.

Key features

Customer identification

Procus Basket includes customer registration possibility after which he/she can be identified when he/she visits the website. Identification of the client enables tailored services according to customer's needs.

Collecting products into the basket

Procus Basket gives registered users the opportunity to collect products of the product database into the basket. Basket is a product list which the user can modify at will. Of course, products can also be removed from the basket as necessary.

Creation and storage of baskets

When creating baskets them can be given type and description. This allows users to manage large amount of different baskets as needed. For example, a designer can collect and store components of one plan in one basket and components of another plan in another. Upon plans are ready enough he can send the contents of the basket such as a call for tender for example as an email attachment.

Modification of basket information

The user can modify information of his/her baskets at any time. After logging in into the product database with his/her username the user can open the baskets and change their content. The user can add or remove products, change product quantities, change the basket type, change the name or description of the car or even delete the entire basket.

Sending the contents of the basket as e-mail attachment

The user can send the contents of the basket as an e-mail attachment very easily. When the basket is opened one function of the basket is sending. When e-mail form is completed the system automatically creates an attachment of the contents of the basket. This attachment can be opened directly in Procus Quotation for making a bid.

Customer-specific catalog

Registered user has the ability to create a personalized product catalog. This functionality is useful when product range is large and consists of several divergent entities, all of which do not necessarily serve the same users. In this case, there may arise the need to reduce the product range to facilitate and accelerate discovery of products.

Order (Basket Extension)

If necessary, features of Procus Basket can be used to take advantage in the product ordering. In this case, basket type is changed to be an order and the content is changed to a file suitable for company's ordering system.