Procus Document

Document management tool of Procus family is developed for maintenance of links of marketing material intended to be published. You can have any document format; PDF, CAD, xls- and doc- files can be set for distribution. Conceptually images, links to web pages and for example software updates are considered as documents. Maintenance and browsing of documentation is done with web-based tools.

For a client in web the document management occurs best as a seamless part of the website where you scroll through documents in a clear hierarchical structure. On the lowest level there is a link to a document that opens either in its own window or which can be downloaded to your computer. Text, icons, and assisting images added on the heading levels of the documentation help to find the right information.

Key features

  • document management
  • management of the hierarchy tree of the documentation
  • coupling of products with document
  • coupling of documents with products
  • published documentation; search functionality and a hierarchical document tree
  • creation of a document DVD (document tree + selected documents with browser)

Procus Document module connects essentially with Procus Product to facilitate the presentation of the information related to the product range.

Desired information can be searched from the document database in two ways:

  • desired documents are searched for with the search form, which will return a list of documents satisfying the required conditions and links to the documents.
  • navigating a pre-defined hierarchy where under the heading levels are connected desired documents to a suitable order.

Documentation links with the products and the heading levels can easily be maintained with Procus Document. One document can be quickly connected to many products or product groups. Similarly, the perspective can be reversed, if we want to see which documents are connected to an individual product. All documentation connected to each product is seen on product card if the publishing class of the document is set permissive. Selected documents can be defined to need the user's registration. This is subject to the Procus Basket functionality. Those documents are displayed only after user authentication with Procus Basket.

Copying of a document

The document can be copied as a completely new document or as a new version. During copying also links to products can be replicated in the new document. Versions of the document form a document group of which, if needed, only the most recent is displayed. Older versions get in that case an additional link in order to be founded and read. Different language versions of the same document form a group which is published, where appropriate, as a whole.

Procus Document expands the use of product data management. The advantage is fast and flexible integration of a separate document with many products and vice versa. In addition, a product group can be defined for a document, in which case it is presented in connection with all products in this product group (usually on the product card).

Document - DVD

It is possible to form a web browser based site of the content of the documentation from a desired level of the hierarchy, which can be stored in DVD. Appearance is equivalent to a published document site with hierarchy but without the search functionality (since there is no database on the DVD). Functionality of the DVD is created as an additional customer-specific service.

Procus Basket used in conjunction with Procus Webcatalog allows gathering and sending of documents related to the products collected to the memory list to the customer. They can be sent either as a zip file attached to an e-mail or as a web page, from which the desired documents can be downloaded individually.