Procus Pdf

More and more companies want to offer their customers the possibility to download PDF documents from their web pages for example for printing. Once your customer has found the desired product it is easy for him/her to print the product data as a product card where the detailed product specifications are available. The problem is mostly the product cards maintenance. To solve this problem we have developed Procus PDF module.

Procus PDF is a module that creates automatically PDF documents from the contents of the database. The Pdf creation happens with Procus PDF at the moment when the user wants to download the PDF document to him/herself. Pdf documents are not stored anywhere but created as per request. In this case the PDF document data is always up to date and has the same content as the data in the database and in published web pages.

Superior performance

Let us calculate an example. The company operates in the traditional manner and maintains the product cards manually. The company has a product database of 5 000 items of which should be product sheets. The products are exported to many countries, so the product cards should be maintained and updated in five languages. In other words there are 25 000 product cards for updates. On average one third of products is subject to changes every year. Most changes are small so creation of one new PDF product card lasts only five minutes. So each year the company makes more than new 8 300 PDF product cards, which takes almost 700 hours. It is counts for more than four months of work for one person!

With the help of Procus PDF this work is saved and product cards are error free.

If the company carries out for example change of the graphic look it means that all the product cards have to be renewed. In the example above it would mean a mere update operation more than one man-years of work. With the help of Procus PDF the changes would be made only to the definition files, and everything would be ready in two days. Procus PDF pays itself back in a while and it is possible to do things that could not have been done with traditional methods.