Procus Assortment

Procus Assortment is a highly effective module for managing various assortments. With this module it is possible to present a variety of assortments found in the same hierarchy. The usual way to take advantage of Procus Assortment module is when presenting web pages in various languages. All your products are not necessarily for sale in all markets, for one reason or another, but it's very practical to use the same database, and even the same hierarchy in different countries. Assortments can also be customer-specific. For example, you could provide a net price list to your customer of those products that he is interested in.

Key features

Creating assortment

Assortment is usually based on either an entire hierarchy or on any of the previous assortments. Maintenance Tool is used to define which product groups belong to the assortment or you go up to the product level to choose the products wanted into assortment. A name is given to the assortment, after which the assortment is available. It is also possible to specify time limit for an assortment, after which it ceases to be available.

Assortment maintenance

When assortment is there so the maintenance is simple. The desired assortment is searched out and with check-box type of tool maintenance products or product groups are either removed or added to the assortment. With this tool several different assortments can be the maintained at the same time. When the selection has been made the changes are saved. Assortments can be maintained without being published. For example, a new country specific assortment preparation can be done in good time before the completion of the language specific web pages.