Procus Webcatalog

Procus Webcatalog is a versatile web publishing module of the Procus software suite that enables publishing of the product database information on the Internet. By using Procus Webcatalog in the web environment makes it possible to achieve significant cost savings associated with the publication of product data.

Procus Webcatalog is based on real-time database content publishing. Procus Webcatalog product pages are dynamic, so a separate web page product data maintenance is not required, but the product data maintenance of published pages takes place at the same time with the product database maintenance. Each product page is created just when the end-user is searching for information. Thus end-users always have the latest product information.

Procus products are at their best when the company has a wide product range and product information is wanted to be published in a variety of different media. Procus Webcatalog is an important tool for marketing and sales whenever versatile product data sharing and shared data accuracy is essential for the development of the company's sales.

Publishing of product information of the product database on web pages requires using of Procus Hierarchy when implementing the product hierarchy. When the product hierarchy is created either in whole or in part, the product information can be published.

Key Features

Searching of product information

Procus Webcatalog includes a wide range of browsing and search capabilities of product data. Information can be searched by browsing through the hierarchy of pages, or using free text searches.

Hierarchy can be browsed in two different ways depending on which end user experience is more pleasant. One method is a Windows-style folder hierarchy where opening the folder will show that folder's contents by the hierarchy. Another way is to move to the next level of the hierarchy using page links. Then the information of the hierarchy levels of is shown to end users.

Free text search can be directed to either the entire product database or it may be limited just on the hierarchy levels. The end result is a list of the pages where the search string occurs. For some clients we have tailored customer-specific search engine, which searches are conducted on a number of validity criteria.

Language versions

Procus Webcatalog seamlessly supports multiple-language sites for simultaneous use. The company's web sites may contain any number of different languages ??in the product sites, all of which use the same product database. Different market areas may require different product ranges, which hierarchies is necessary to maintain locally at the market area in question. This is not a problem, since the creation and maintenance of hierarchies is done by using web forms.

Customized web pages

With Procus products it is possible to create end user specific product sites. If you have in use Procus Webcatalog in addition to Procus Basket, you can provide your customers possibility to register and thereby identify them.

For registered users you are able to offer several additional services, such as creation of catalogs which the users can shape for themselves, browsing of customer-specific price lists, sending an invitation to tender, detailed product specifications, etc.