Procus Product

Procus Product is the main Procus software module, to which the other modules are related. Procus Product is used with a web browser like all Procus products, so the product database can be used and maintained regardless of location. There are also achieved  significant savings related to product data maintenance in web environment and security issues can be managed centrally.

Procus Product is at its best when there is a huge number of products with a wealth of information associated and the data content changes steadily. Procus Product is an important tool in the product data management for marketing and sales organizations.

Key Features

Creation of new products

Procus Product database is designed to be independent of business. Product information may contain the desired format for data and arbitrary amounts of text. Product details are stored in a relational database which enables versatile and powerful search features.

Storing and maintenance of product information is done by using web forms which are defined according to business needs. Product data may also include links to internal or external sources, such as images, web addresses, documents, etc. In the same database can be managed different language versions also thus the product data does not need to be maintained separately for different languages.

Product information can also be downloaded from other systems and databases, or even from spreadsheet.

Maintenance of product data

Product data maintenance takes place directly to the database with web forms. Because of powerful search features the data to be maintained can be easily found. Product information is grouped in the data maintenance forms in such a way that maintenance is easy and fast.

PDM administrator also defines the data publishing readiness. In the database can be stored both the old product information of already left the sale products, as well as upcoming new releases without this information anymore / yet is to be published in the paper or on the web. This makes it possible, if so desired to take new products into catalogs long before they are opened for financial management systems.

Mass updates for large range of products can be done mechanically, directly into the database. The system is also possible to be built in such a way that some information is automatically updated from other information systems.

Login and user rights

To basic functions of Procus Product are included logging and access control. With login management it can be given for different user groups different rights to see different things of the contents of the product database. This gives the possibility to restrict access to certain information and thus achieve, for example partners their own views of the product database.

User right management is used to define the various categories of the rights of the data administrators that each group needs. At the same time may administrator privileges of certain categories of information be limited to a particular group. This can help prevent accidental mistakes with the data updates. For example, to restrict data removal to a particular group may be well justified.

Publishing of product information

To publish product data it has to be created a hierarchy, which defines which product belongs to which product group / family, etc. This activity is called hierarchy management which is a separate Procus module. For different purposes can be created different structures when the same product information may be published in different ways for different groups, such as catalogs, price lists and customer net price lists etc.

The most common forms of publishing are web catalogs, catalogs on paper, brochures, price lists and DVDs. Each publication has its own characteristics and requirements, but they all have in common that if the hierarchy is designed properly then the automatic production of publications from the database such as print ready PDF files is simple, effective and very inexpensive with Procus software.

The biggest constraints to product data publishing opportunities is set on your imagination. The company's sales and marketing department has not traditionally had decent tools for product data management and publishing. Very modest and inflexible ERP systems tools have not given opportunities to develop product information publishing.

Language versions

With Procus Product it is possible to manage different language versions of product information in the same database. In this case, only the texts are translated into new languages??, but other data stored only once. In the same database can be controlled desired number of different languages. Because of the use of web language maintenance may even spread to the company's local offices, for example, when the terminology of the translation should be done right the first time. Or it may be given access to a translation agency which has only seeing and updating rights of the language information.

Language data management can be enhanced with additional Procus Translation Alert functionality which allows the product data management system to implement various translations related checks and alerts if the preset conditions are met.

Interfaces and outputs

Procus Product is generally used with other Procus modules as integrated product data management and publication core, but because of the flexible database structure of Procus Product it is possible to implement a wide range of interfaces to various external systems for data input and output. Such interfaces are ERP and CRM interfaces, masscalculators, product configurators or even producing a standard HVAC (SSTL) output directly from the database or reading it directly to the database. To these interfaces can also be build comprehensive automation such as information relating to possible omissions and errors.

Procus Product's flexibility and versatility makes it the most efficient product management system kernel needed by the sales and marketing departments.