Procus grow according to your needs

Procus family consists of interconnected integrated modules that enable building and increasing functionality of the system according to the company's needs. All companies do not need all the functions and all the functions do not need to be introduced at the same time.


Procus Product

Procus Product is the core system that allows product data to be maintained in a database. Flexible database structure makes this module fast to be customized for your products to fit in. In the same database can be maintained completely different product groups and product information without loosing ease of use. There are no restrictions on field lengths in the database so the free-form text concerning products can be maintained with the same tool.

Procus Hierarchy

The hierarchies of publications are maintained with Procus Hierarchy. This module allows the presentation of different content for the same product data e.g. according to market area or even according to the customers.

Procus Webcatalog

With Procus Webcatalog you can publish the product information in the company's website automatically. Procus Webcatalog can be integrated into your existing website seamlessly so that the product information will be retrieved from the database every time it is asked. This way the product information in your website is always in as good condition as they are in you product database. Separate website maintenance for product data is no longer needed, thus improving customer service and reduce errors and costs.

Procus Assortment

Procus Assortment is highly effective module for different assortment management. It makes it possible to present a variety assortments found in the same hierarchy. The usual way to take advantage of Procus Assortment module are web pages presented in different languages. All your products are not necessarily for sale in all markets for one reason or another, but it is very convenient to use the same database, and even the same hierarchy for different countries. Assortment thinking can also be used customer specific. For example, you can make for a customer a net price list of those products only which are of interest to him.

Procus Pdf

Pdf documents can be automatically created from the product database using Procus Pdf. A document template is defined first, after which for example, the product cards can be created automatically. Document is created only at the stage when the user wants to download the pdf. In other words, the document contains exactly that information which was in the database when the document was downloaded. When the database size is large and the information is constantly changing, so automatic pdf creation saves a lot of money and resources.

Procus Document

Procus Document is used for management of all types of product-related documents which are meant to be published. The document is to be understood in the broadest sense, so that for example, the link to the product page of the manufacturer must also be seen as manageable document. Procus Document allows a fast and flexible document management in relation to products or vice versa, ie to manage the products in relation to the documents. When a document is in the system only once, so changes to it appear everywhere at once.

Procus Basket

Procus Basket enables the collection of the products into baskets and the utilization of baskets deposited in several different ways. Procus Basket module can be used for commercial web shop application creation, but it is suitable for sending a request for quotation or other use, where the products are collected on a list and which list you want to take advantage of in a one way or another.

Procus Quotation

Procus Quotation is a versatile offer calculation software which is used with a web browser and which is a tightly integrated with the product database. When the offers shall be deposited in the same database with the products, does it give an opportunity to manage the quotations anywhere, anytime. At the same time the offer stock is exploited to all those who are given the appropriate permissions. Offer calculation also includes a very wide range of pricing tools. Naturally, this module like any other Procus modules can be integrated with other enterprise information systems.

Procus Dataloader

Procus Dataloader module allows an experienced Procus user to speed up product database maintenance. With this module is possible to copy desired part of the contents of the product database in XML format to another software, for example, to a spreadsheet and back to the database. If the database maintenance contains a lot of copying of rich data so this module makes product data administrator's job easier and faster.

Procus Outliner

Procus Outliner is a tool for creating and managing of table of contents of catalogs. The tool works on drag-and-drop basis, so that the user pulls from the web hierarchy, one by one, those parts of the hierarchy that he wants to be added on a list of contents. In this way you can quickly create a catalog which differs from the standard hierarchy structure of the company.

Procus Tablemaker

Procus Tablemaker allows the user to create a table models for presentation of product data. The category-specific information content of the catalog is defined with table models. The need of different table models grows as the need for different selection criteria for the presentation of information is growing. In other words, the more categories differ from each other the more table models are needed to present the requisite information for the end-user. Table models speed up the creation of extensive catalogs much.

Procus Proofwriter

Procus Proofwriter is a tool with which it is easy to perceive the status of the content of the product database. With this tool the user selects from the hierarchy the point from which downward he generates a printed-look-like html proof of the catalog on his computer screen. That proof looks almost like a finished catalog which proof reading is effortless. At the same time with proof reading the user can to make corrections in another window to the database and generate a new proof on his screen again. This way Procus Proofwriter save costs significantly and at the same time speeds up the catalog creation process considerably.

Procus NetKit

Procus NetKit is easy to use tool for website content management. It allows the separation of the content and design so that the website content administrator does not need to know anything about web coding. This / site is obviously created and maintained with Procus NetKit tools.

Our delivery is complemented with a service package, which is created according to customer needs. It includes both software and consulting services to be carried out depending on the product data management or catalog project. At best, it will establish operational processes by which the maintenance of product information and/or catalog creation time and costs can be dropped into fractions compared to traditional methods.