Our main product is Procus product data management system, which is a software product family for maintaining the master data of the company and/or for sales and marketing department's needs for product data management. With Procus software a company can maintain and publish product information as they wish. Procus software is independent of the industry and is used for example by wholesale trade, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, etc. The common denominator is large amount of product information. In addition to that, there are often many languages in which the product information will be published. Ways to publish product data today are usually printed catalogs, company web pages or product data files delivered to partners.

We provide all necessary services related to Procus product information management system deployment and maintenance. We offer to our customers hosting services of the product database as well.



We offer our clients a comprehensive Procus product training enabling company personnel quick access to productive work. Training is tailored to our customers needs. The customer's own product database is used during the training, so lessons learned can be immediately utilized. Training can be arranged if necessary in English.

The best results are obtained by small-group training with personal guidance.


Mediaviisi provides all the necessary consultancy services in the area product data maintenance and publishing of sales and marketing. We have extensive experience in product hierarchy design, logistics, data processing, on consideration of industry standards, accessing other information systems, etc. We understand very well problems related to the management of large amounts of product data and we are able to find the right solutions. We know also how to optimize publication for smartphones and tablets.

We are also able to outsource certain business functions related to this area if it is needed.


Mediaviisi provides hosting services to product database maintenance and publication. We have built a data center, which serves our customers all the time. We take care of our customers' behalf of the backups of the databases as well as information security issues.

Most of the material on the servers is intended for publishing and we take care of telecommunications capacity and the adequacy of systems functioning. Advantage of the hosting service is fast and simple conclusion of software updates.

Publication production

Mediaviisi provides all the necessary services that you need to produce publications eg page layout, image handling etc..

Often the biggest challenge in publishing is image material and its processing. The images are either of poor quality, wrong size, etc., or there are only a few in electronic format. An important part of our expertise is image processing in the published format for different needs. Print quality image is something completely different than the picture presented in the website. We have drawn, scanned and converted tens of thousands of images. In some cases we have submitted photo archive applications and even handled product photo shooting. In a word, we are image production professionals.

We can supply publications on turnkey basis using our own tools or we can supply you with systems and any additional services so you can enhance the production of your publication by your own.

Our goal is always to provide quality services at affordable prices to our customers and find the most effective and cheapest way to operate. At best, it has led to a fall in costs to a fraction of the original, while the production time has been reduced significantly.

All of our customers are different and hence their needs vary greatly. With each of our customers we design a tailor-made company-specific software and service package with which it is easy to operate and develop the publication process further.

Procus software