Procus software

Procus software is a software suite designed for fulfilling product information management and publication needs of sales and marketing people. Procus software has been developed by Mediaviisi Oy for over ten years. At the same time when Procus software is used as a independent product data management system it complements your ERP. There is a lot of product information which cannot be stored in ERP but which can be managed in Procus system. Procus software is web-based and all you need is a standard web browser to take it into use.


Procus software suite consists of a number of different modules which are combined according to the customers needs. The product database is always the core module of the system but the combination of the other modules is defined during the system specification. The flexibility of the system is unique and therefore very different kind of businesses are able to gain advantage by using Procus software.

Customer-specific applications

In addition to packaged Procus software modules we also offer customized web applications. Product information is worthy of use in a variety of ways. In most cases there is a need for special software for solving a technical calculation problem related to utilization of the product data contents of the database. We develop such applications based on our customer needs both for corporate internal and public use. Product configurators and different calculators can be used to help customers while facilitating the company's own expert resources to the workload.

Database publishing

A significant part of the production of the product information for the marketing material can be automated and significant savings are achieved by the rationalization of the processes. In this area of database publication we are pioneers. Over ten years we have developed tools and methods that allow the release of even hundreds of pages of rapidly changing data into page layout just before printing. In this way eg prices, latest products, or any other latest information can be kept up to date in the printed material. Publication is created quickly and efficiently from the database. Good examples of the use of the database publishing are product catalogs, price lists, labels, etc.

Utilizing database publishing of web pages allows static web pages to be abandoned. In this case your changes in the database are immediately reflected in your company published web pages automatically. Thus the information displayed on the web pages is always up to date improving customer service and reducing site maintenance work.

Our customers are mainly wholesale companies, producers of equipments or chemical products etc. Common denominator is a huge number of product data items and usually several languages in use. We are willing to tell you more about our solutions and references.

Procus modules