The PDM is more than just ERP

Should you provide more information of your products to your customers than you do today? Maybe, Yes.

Are your price lists up-to-date and easy to produce? Not really.

Want to let your customers to access the ERP system? Hardly.

Does the maintenance of a number of language versions cause you headache? In most cases, Yes.

Solutions for product data management

Today, more and more of us begin to search data via the Internet when doing larger purchases. Those companies that are able to communicate with the Internet get a clear competitive advantage. But it is not enough that your potential client sees a beautiful picture and the name of the product. He or she also wants clear and comprehensive facts about your products. If he does not find it easily, so the search continues ... but another company's website. Product data are largely other information than what in the ERP system can be saved. That is why systems complementary to ERP are increasingly necessary in a day by day more fierce competition.

It is indifferent in which industry your company operates, but interesting, timely and well presented content of your products and services is always crucial for the success of your company. The more products you have or your product information is changing or your portfolio is growing, the more you profit from our product information management solutions. If you need to manage your products in multiple languages also, the more likely we are able to improve your operations.

Procus software provides tools i.a. for

  • centralized sales and marketing, product data management
  • Master Data handling
  • automated publishing of product information on company's website and / or printed material (eg product catalogs, price lists etc.) and for mobile devices (smart phones and tablets)
  • management of documents to be published
  • web-based offer calculation
  • website content management

You have the content. Here you have tools with which you can manage and publish your content in several languages and in desired form automatically.

We have developed Procus software for over ten years. Because of our refined processes we can offer you services related to automated publishing from database server hosting up to printing of publications, efficiently, quickly and professionally.

If your data are published in several languages, or if you want to do customer-specific publications from the same data (net price lists, catalogs of specific products or product groups, etc.) we can offer you unique solutions.